AirRef  -"The spirit to enhance educational levels in weak and under-developed economies, to that of the developed World, for equality, brotherhood & live with dignity and pride as one race on Earth." 

About Us:

We are a group of professional educators, authors, and reformists in India, who are in the field of education and with a rich experience of over 25 years, each of them, in various activities of education,  in Schools & Colleges, in Government and Private-public sector across India. 

We also have Entrepreneurs, Directors, Principals, Educators, and Administrators with a wide range of practical exposure in educational Institutions in operations, systems implementations and bring in new technological methods of teaching.

Our principal lead manager & founder Dr. Sampat Daniel, is an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author, and Education Reformist, who is passionate about reforming the education system across the globe, mostly in  Afro –Asian countries, where the basic education for their citizens in these countries, the GER (Gross Enrolment Ratio) is less than 35% in the Primary and 20% to 24.7% in the Higher education. The prime objective is to provide quality mass education to all children at affordable costs to the Governments, at a low GDP ratio spend in these countries,  and uplift the standard of living and economy of these countries to those of the developed nations in the World. One of the examples being Bangladesh with 1.3263% of the GDP  (WB-2019)and GER at a much higher ratio than many Asian countries.

We are also passionate authors, who have written books on education reforms, curriculums, administration, and student learning for schools in Pre-primary level to University education suggesting many innovative methods. 

We are now on an ambitious path of spreading the message, implementing the reforms, and putting into practice modern methods of scientific, technological, and innovative ways to impart education to the poor, marginalized, discriminated population of the World.

Please follow us and support our cause financially and voluntarily, participating in implementing the reforms in education across the Globe.


Dr. Sampat Daniel, is an Entrepreneur, Futurist, Author, and Educational Reformist, He has worked in many Indian and multi-national companies holding senior positions, in the field of sales, marketing, and production, having experience of over 35 years.

An Entrepreneur for the past 15 years, with wide exposure in schools for over 12 years mainly through marketing of his products & services, which has prompted him to embark on his desire to bring about a change in the education system,  he is a post graduate in marketing management, and has an inquisition to everything he comes across, who looks beyond the existing challenges, and finds new solutions for the future.

His desire is to impart quality  mass education to all in villages and far flung rural areas in Afro-Asian countries with the use of Technology  & Blended learning methods and Dialogue teaching methods. Every child deserves to get good quality education be it in Rural, Cities or developed countries  and any ethnic back grounds without any discrimination, as a birth right not only as a policy but implemented and executed to raise the standard of living and eradicate poverty in the World.