Community Learning:

AirRef  -"The spirit to enhance educational levels in weak and under-developed economies, to that of the developed World, for equality, brotherhood & live with dignity and pride as one race on Earth." 

Community Learning.

The Community colleges are similar to a University Education, sharing all the Common facilities in the campus yet pursuing their core stream of studies, which are found to produce exceptional results than the standalone colleges of the same stream since the facilities are shared the budget is minimal and the facilities are of a much higher standard compared to standalone colleges, where the budgets don’t permit.

NEW Adaptive modulation of Schooling -05

Similarly, The Adaptive modulation of schooling will have the same effect when all the facilities are shared as community education in the town or city by all the schools nearby in the range of 0km to 5km of the primary enrolled school of the student.

The infrastructure costs are shared by all the schools in the nearby areas on paid usage of facilities.

The facilities are utilized by all the students in that area, unlike now with uneven substandard facilities and in some cases, no such facilities provided, in many Government schools,  compared to that of the Private Public Schools. The advantage is that all students of different schools, be it Government or Private will get the same standard.