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Schooling In Pandemic:

Rollover Schooling, Squeeze In Curriculum, Out-of-School, Teaching Methods (ROSSCOSTM)  

Schools have lost their academic year during the Covid -19 lockdown in many countries and have put children into limbo, their studies have been put to a halt and their habitual learning has been disrupted, many have also taken to local vocations and helping their parents in their farm communities. With the entire academic year practically gone by, in the year 2020, there are 300 million children ready to join pre-schooling in the Year 2021, this will put tremendous pressure on Governments to provide the basic infrastructure and the teaching staff to accommodate the inflow of children into schools.

The Governments across the World must find innovative ways to overcome this tsunami of children fall, out of schooling and the ratios of GER will drop across the schools in the world to an all-time low, and an entire generation of student life will be lost, GDP will drop due to unavailability of technically skilled workmen and educated generation to further the innovation and research across the nations.

My suggestion to the Governments is to implement immediately the ROSSCOSTM, systems in furthering the school education, without losing a year of schooling for the children and having to burden one generation of student’s life and increasing the poverty level.  Countries that innovate new methods of schooling and furthering the education without loss of a year’s student education will prosper and leapfrog into becoming the new superpowers.

The concept of ROSSCOSTM –

Rollover Schooling: The school children must be rolled over into the next class with a minimal assessment and appraisal method, and the new students in the pre-primary schooling must be enrolled, the students rolling out of school or colleges using this method, must have out-of-school academic periods of 9 months with the curriculum squeezed into and have their stringent methods of assessments to grade them and giving an opportunity to students who cannot cope up with the flow, a chance to appear for their examinations in the next 3 months period, keeping within the academic period of the next term of students.

Squeeze-In-Curriculum: Students to cope up with the higher classes, due to the rollover method of schooling the curriculum must be squeezed in, the uncompleted previous class curriculum and with the current upgraded class into an academic year so that the standard of education is maintained to the same level of education as prevailing in schools.

Out-of-School Students: Students in the final year who have not completed their term of education will be however be out of school without completing their course, however, due to lack of accommodation of the classes and teaching staff, the students will addend their classes for blended learning and for experimental learning after school timing in the same school/college with a squeeze- in- curriculum into 9 months period and have their assessments, however, if there are students who cannot cope up with the curriculum can complete within the next 3 months and appear for their exams so that there is no loss of the academic year.

With this method of operations in schools and colleges, the effect of loss of academic year is offset without major impact to the economy of the country and loss of student year.